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maya-langston Dr. Maya Angelou & Langston Hughes

Maya Angelou, one of the most storied poets in our nation, celebrates Black History Month by hosting a special program on public radio. Story-telling provides ample opportunity to get to know each others' traditions, experiences, and values better. Story-telling is an emotional experience and creates opportunities to grow as a closer knit community. Giving, entertainment as expression and the quest for peace, what types of stories do you have to share?

*Stories here are with cleared information and correct contact information.



You've taken my blues and gone-
You sing 'em on Broadway
And you sing 'em in Hollywood Bowl,
And you mixed 'em up with symphonies
And you fixed 'em
So they don't sound like me.
Yep, you done taken my blues and gone.
You also took my spirituals and gone.
You put me in MACBETH and CARMEN JONES
And all kinds of SWING MIKADOS
And in everything but what's about me-
But someday somebody'll
Stand up and talk about me,
And write about me-
Black and beautiful-
And sing about me,
And put on plays about me!
I reckon it'll be
Me myself! Yes, it'll be me.